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General Health Maintenance Q & A

What Happens During an Annual Physical Exam?

Ensuring that you are healthy and preventing any medical conditions from becoming worse is very important. The best way to do this is to visit the doctor annually for a physical exam. For most patients the exam will follow a standard routine and will begin with collecting the patient’s medical history. The doctor will also evaluate the person for signs of any medical conditions or illness. These exams help to prevent conditions from worsening and ensure that treatment can begin in the earliest stage if a condition is found. When a disease is discovered early, it is usually much easier to treat or cure. Vital signs will also be taken to help the doctor get a picture of your overall health. Tests performed may include:(if family history or patient's personal history warrants additional cancer marker)

  • ColonGuard
  • Prostate Health Index
  • VistaSeq (herditary cancer pannel)
  • BRCA testing for breast cancer

The doctor will administer and immunizations or boosters as needed by the patient.

What Screenings Are Required for Adults?

When individuals get older, their bodies naturally change and more screenings will be required to ensure everything is functioning properly. Additional tests used for older adults include:

  • Yearly skin assessment starting at age 27 depending on risk
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI assessed beginning at age 18-65 the followed up every 5 years if within normal limits. 
  • Colorectal cancer screenings executed every 10 years commencing at age 50 - 70
  • CT screening for lung cancer age 50-80 with greater than 30 pack per year history, quit in the last 15 years or currently a smoker.

For men tests also include:

  • Depending on risk, prostate cancer screenings beginning at between the ages of 45-50
  • An ultrasound screening of the abdominal aortic aneurysm should also be performed at age 65-75 for men who have ever smoked.

For women tests also include:

  • Yearly breast exam
  • Pap smear executed every two years from age 21-29 or when she becomes sexually active, Women 30 and older with 3 consecutive negative screenings, Recomend screening every 3 years there after.
  • HPV evaluations during PAP should be done every three years beginning at age 30
  • After age 65 you can dismiss the need for a PAP if the last 3 have been nagative or have had a hysterectomy 
  • Mammograms conducted every two years beginning at age 40, annually 50-70, sooner if family history indicates otherwise

If any concerns arise these tests and other should be performed right away and continue regularly until symptoms are no longer present or treatment is complete.


Additional preventive service offered at Prima Health Clinic are Immunizations. Below is just an outline of the Immunizations highly recommended.

  • Young Adults: Completion of the Childhood Immunizations: MMR, Tdap or TP, Polio, Hep A&B

  • Male & Female (Age 11-26): HPV Vaccine

  • Everyone: Influenza Vaccine (Yearly)

  • Anyone over age 60: Zoster Vaccine

  • Anyone over age 65: Pneumococcal Vaccine (2 doses)

How Will I Know Which Preventative Screening or Tests I Need?

All tests and procedures which are necessary for diagnosis or during the screening purposes will be discussed with each patient by the doctor. Many health conditions do not present symptoms and regular screening can prevent medical conditions from going undiagnosed and untreated, resulting in more severe illness.

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